Friday, November 14, 2008

An interesting weekend ahead

If the way this day has started off is any indicator, then I think my weekend is going to be very interesting.

I took Chris to the 369th unit this morning so he can head up to Nebraska with the rest of his unit for drill. We hope he'll be back by Sunday afternoon - I'm not holding my breath though. After crashing again for a little bit, I got Lizzie off to school, but not before talking to the kids on her bus. Elizabeth started Strattera a week ago today and it makes her very cranky and easy to upset right now. Of course, this is all exasperated by Sarah, who likes to boss her around. It got so bad on Wednesday evening that Lizzie actually tried to catch Sarah's hair on fire. Keep in mind this is what Sarah told me, and she is prone to exaggerating at times. Although, it did make her leave Elizabeth alone more. Anyway, I talked to the kids and told them that she has started taking medicine and it makes her very cranky so they need to leave her alone or she might slug them or worse. Obviously, if this happened I would discipline her, but they do need to leave her alone.

Yesterday the serpentine belt on the Chrysler slipped or broke, I'm not sure. Chris said he will fix it once he is back. This might not be a problem since we have the Chrysler, but it has no back window because some punks blew it out 4th of July and we haven't had the money to fix it yet. Honestly, as much as I think another stimulus check is, because it's only a small quick fix and not a long term one, I also could use that money to fix the Chrysler, there are so many things wrong with it, right now I'm ready to sell it and buy a new car.

Okay back to today though, I am borrowing Mom's car until Chris gets the Plymouth's belt changed and while this isn't bad, it means I don't have the sticker on my car that lets me get onbase to do my grocery shopping, so I had to shop at Wal-Mart. I pay a lot more there for stuff that I do on-base. Sorry, back to my story.

I called my friend Gennifer to touch base before I go to the store so we could possibly meet up. This is not what happened. Her older son, Jacob is in the hospital very sick and they aren't sure what is going on right now. So I currently have two children under the age of two in my house as I write this. Isaiah is a cuty and he's chattering to me, although, he's supposed to have quiet time right now. Beka is upstairs enjoying some down time. Did I mention that on my way to the store they each crashed and burned on me. Of course, once we got home they both woke up. I had to laugh at it all. At least I got the muffins baked and the fruit purchased for tomorrow's breakfast good's sale.

I am currently the Family Readiness Group leader for the 369 and I am working to raise the funds so that while the soldiers are away we can help families in need or even plan a few special events. I am hoping though that someone would offer to chair it for me or with me. With Lizzie not doing well, I am wondering if this is going to be more than I can take on right now. We'll see and pray for God's strength right now.

I really hope this weekend goes well, I'd like to be a nice person when Chris gets home. We'll have to wait and see. Have a good week.

In Christ,

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